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Living and Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Community, Holy Communion and Servanthood Ministry

Parish Communications

Jesus was a great communicator.  If it wasn’t for Him and His disciples' communication skills, there would not be Christian Churches today.

Throughout the centuries these skills have maintained the Christian faith. St Thomas has a similar challenge to communicate to our parishioners and community.  Today there are many forms of communicating and they are changing rapidly.  Electronic and social media is where the evolution is greatest. An old fashioned newspaper article is much harder to get published than a Facebook page, however, each media is exposed to the public and judged just the same.

It is essential that St Thomas convey any message professionally.

The different aspects of communications St Thomas faces is external and internal. Internally,  our committee is concerned with Church operations, Family, Youth, Special events and Protection issues.  Our external communications involve the Diocese, local media and social media marketing.  Our means of communicating are verbal, written and electronic media.

The St Thomas Vestry Handbook lists “Three Laws of Change”

1. Participate 
2. Involve others 
3. Take responsibility

These same principles shall govern the communications of St Thomas.




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